Friday, 5 May 2017

Mike Pence (Chairman of the National Space Council) - Creationist, Catholic or both?

As a Catholic I know that there are many Catholics who believe in Creation, as there are many who believe in Evolution. However, most of the Catholics that I know believe in both. That is to say that God Created, but most likely through evolution.

To many non Catholic Scientific  minded people, and atheists, Catholics are a type of Christian and Christians are closed minded and fools. Never mind that most of us Catholics believe in Scientific analysis.

Now, being closed minded is not opening your mind to other peoples beliefs or worse, not accepting that other people could have a belief different from yours. Ergo it would seem that atheists are closed minded people.

Now in reality,  Catholicism is not opposed to science. In fact we embrace it. The very concept of a university as a place of higher learning was created by the Catholic Church. There was nothing like it before. By 1500AD there were over 80 Universities in Europe, almost all founded and run by the Catholic church, and we continue to found and run Universities even today.

All this being said to establish an idea in the readers head that the Catholic Church (which are made up of ordinary people and others) are all about learning, about languages, science, etc. Did you know that Catholic Priest George LemaĆ®tre put forth a theory he called his "hypothesis of the primeval atom" which is now known as the Big Bang Theory. There are hundreds of Catholic Priests over the centuries whose names are linked to scientific studies and discoveries.

Now lets talk about Catholics and Politicians - Enter Mike Pence.

So Mike Pence describes himself as an evangelical Catholic, or as a Christian Conservative Republican.  In a speech in the US Congress on July 11 2002 he spoke about new scientific discoveries and that the Theory of Evolution is just a Theory. He said that in schools it has been taught as fact for quite a while, not as a theory.

So we can take from that speech that he is a Creationist and that he is opposed to the teaching of Evolution and of course that he is not a scientific person. Well, maybe or maybe NOT. Rational people might say "not necessarily", and that they need more information to make a definite determination.  But in the mud slinging of politicians its about inciting hatred, not about rational thinking.  

And of course there is the press. The press will print what their Opinion Writers think. And many of the Opinion pieces are written by people with political agendas. So maybe there is a reporter somewhere who would have investigated this matter. Enter interviewer Chris Matthews.

In a 2009 interview Chris Matthews asked Mike Pence directly if he was a creationist. And I must say, his answer is the answer that I would give. And I believe strongly in science.... as I do believe in God. Here is the excerpt from the interview:

MATTHEWS: Do you believe in evolution, sir?

PENCE: Do I believe in evolution? I embrace the view that God created the heavens and the earth, the seas and all that’s in them.

MATTHEWS: Right. But do you believe in evolution as the way he did it?

PENCE: The means, Chris, that he used to do that, I can’t say. But I do believe in that fundamental truth.

So now Mike Pence is the Vice president of the United States of America and the atheist and scientist are all in a tizzy. Why? Because he is the Chairman of the National Space Council. But does anyone really know what that is?

The National Space Council was founded in 1958 by the US President Eisenhower. It was designed to be a policy-deciding committee – comprised of members of both public and private sector interests.  It has authority over any of America’s federal agencies that deal with space in some way, including  NASA and the Department of Defense.

Yes! They are all upset because in their mind  a Catholic is stupid and Mike Pence is a catholic and you can't put a Catholic (aka a stupid person) to head a scientific (political) body.

Well I hope he proves them wrong. But I believe that no matter what he does, they will still find fault with him.

And just in case you didn't get what I said before: Catholics are usually Open Minded, scientific people who believe in God. We are Good People and we do make every effort not to be linked to hate speech and actions, and I do believe that Mike Pence has so far fit this description.



Sunday, 19 March 2017

St Joseph Feast Day - break the fast, but still pray

I always look forward to St Josephs Day in Lent. It is about feast not famine. We as Catholics are allowed to break the fast. Now, even though I have Irish Ancestry, I am not Irish, and so I do not break the fast on St Patricks Day. One may also break the fast on St Patricks day if your Parish is dedicated to St Patrick.

As a Family we say a prayer every morning, and in that prayer, we ask Saint Joseph, Patron Saint of Families to Intercede for our Family.

On this Feast of St Joseph, I wish to thank St Joseph for his intercession and carrying our prayers to the Throne of God that he may answer positively.

Maybe it is not an accurate image, but I love the painting of the "holy family and dog" by the Spanish Baroque artist Murillo... which i have included here.

Prayer of Pope Leo XIII to St. Joseph
This prayer is often said after the Prayer of the Holy Rosary during the months of March and October.
To you, O Blessed Joseph, we come in our trials, and having asked the help of your most holy spouse, we confidently ask your patronage also. Through that sacred bond of charity which united you to the Immaculate Virgin Mother of God and through the fatherly love with which you embraced the Child Jesus, we humbly beg you to look graciously upon the beloved inheritance which Jesus Christ purchased by his blood, and to aid us in our necessities with your power and strength.

O most provident guardian of the Holy Family, defend the chosen children of Jesus Christ. Most beloved father, dispel the evil of falsehood and sin. Our most mighty protector, graciously assist us from heaven in our struggle with the powers of darkness. And just as you once saved the Child Jesus from mortal danger, so now defend God's Holy Church from the snares of her enemies and from all adversity. Shield each one of us by your constant protection, so that, supported by your example and your help, we may be able to live a virtuous life, to die a holy death, and to obtain eternal happiness in heaven. Amen.


I often wonder why we dont see more photos of Catholic Celebrities wearing their ashes on Ash wednesday. Perhaps there aren't that many celebrities who are strong in their Catholic Faith. Perhaps those who are strong in their faith keep it private.

Of course, there are many politicians who go to mass and the media snaps pictures of them with their ashes on their forehead.

I found two photos on the internet that i think is so cool. One of Mark Wahlburg and one of Joe Biden.  Now Mark was raised Catholic, probably because of his mothers Irish ancestry. And he maintains his faith with his wife Rhea Durham and their four children. He is a Democrat.

One , well, then there is Joe Biden, Former vice President of the United States of America.

Friday, 19 February 2016

For Catholics, a funeral Mass is first and foremost a funeral, not an event of state

Men of faith never really see themselves as important. They see themselves as unworthy, in the eyes of God. They see themselves as servants, no matter how high their position is. From Joseph the son of Israel in Egypt serving Pharoh, to US high court Justice Scalia.

When my mother passed, we did not have a Eulogy. Not because we thought that she was not a remarkable woman, in fact we all beleive that she was truly a great woman and mother. We did not have a Eulogy, because we thought that our faith was about humility. We all try to live that today.

I agree with Ed Whelan, the president for the Washington Based "Ethics and Public Policy Center" who, in agreeing with Barack Obama not attending the funeral of Justice Scalia, said Obama was doing the right thing (allowing the Vice President, a catholic, and friend of Catholic Justice Scalia to attend the funeral in his stead) by saying : "For Catholics, a funeral Mass is first and foremost a funeral, not an event of state"

There is no doubt that Scalia achieved great position in his life, and served his God and the people of the United States of America with honour and dedication. Well done, good and faithful servant.

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November and we pray for the dead

November 2nd is the feast of All Souls -

God bless all those past friends and family of ours.